Event Pages

All events scheduled into Elentra can have information about them recorded. This can include date and time, location, audience, faculty, attendance, objectives, resources, etc.

Curriculum coordinators and program coordinators can access and edit the content of learning events for their affiliated courses. Faculty assigned to a course as its director can also access and edit the content of learning events in their course. Faculty > Lecturers can only edit the content of learning events for which they are listed as teachers.

You can watch a recording about scheduling tools in Elentra at collaborate.elentra.org (login required).

Database Setting Options

Database SettingUse


Controls whether you include a large free text box on a learning event page where event administrators/teachers can type in objectives. (Note, text entered in this free text area has limited reporting options.)


Controls whether the curriculum tag selector on an event page is pre-filtered to show the tags assigned to the course.


Controls whether or not to allow event administrators/teachers to indicated estimated time to complete event resources.


If event resources include time estimates, controls whether you want to show those estimates in the learner view of the event.


Allows you to easily rename the labels applied to event resources so you can change them from the default of 'optional' and 'required'.

events_resource_bulk_upload (new in ME 1.21)

Allows you to add a Feedback Form type resource to multiple learning events at once. Enabled by default.

events_resource_access_code_default (new in ME 1.21)

Allows you to optionally require an access code to complete a Feedback Form resource added in bulk. Disabled by default.



Controls whether the TBL module in Elentra is active or not. If enabled, users will see option to set an event as TBL.

events_teaching_minutes_enabled (new in ME 1.21)

Allow event admin to enter information about the number of minutes a teacher taught in an event (improves accuracy of some reports)

events_teaching_minutes_self_edit_enabled (new in ME 1.21)

Allow faculty to adjust the minutes taught per event


Controls whether you show the Discussion and Comments section at the bottom of every event page.


Allows you to preset which fields will be checked off by default when editing an event series.


Allows you to preset which fields will be checked off by default when editing an event series.


Controls whether you are using geolocation for attendance to have learners self-report their attendance.




Use this option if you wish to use Elentra in conjunction with a room reservation tool. Note there are additional database settings to go with this.


Use this option is you wish to automatically supply a online meeting url for all events. Note there are additional database settings that go with this.


allows you to set a default color for events added to the calendar, can help with school branding


used to control whether events with recently added or updated links change color

microsoft_teams_enabled (new in ME 1.22)

Enable to allow for integration with Microsoft Teams

microsoft_teams_event_sync_limit (new in ME 1.22)

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