Learner View of Exam

Taking an Exam

Learners can access an exam either from the event the exam is posted to or through their user menu options.

  • Click the user's name in the top right.

  • Click on My Exams.

    • A number badge beside My Exams shows the learner how many exams they have to complete.

How learners see an exam will depend on some of the settings made in the exam information and settings as well as the exam post. For example, from Information and Settings an administrator can decide whether an exam will display all questions on one page, one question per page, or apply page breaks added to the exam.

Within the Settings tab of an exam post administrators can set whether learners can go back and forth between questions, access a calculator, or use a self timer.

While taking an exam learners can use several tools like the self-timer, scratch pad, flags, strikethrough (click on the S beside a question to grey it out and eliminate it as a choice), etc. The exam is automatically saved every few seconds.

Exam Scores and Feedback

When you create an exam post you can optionally choose to provide learners with scores and/or feedback after they have completed the exam.

Remember that if you have attached an exam to a gradebook assessment you can also control the visibility of the gradebook assessment. If you choose to not release scores or feedback about an exam, check that any linked gradebook assessment is also set to not display to learners.

You can release feedback about incorrect answers only, or release feedback about all answers and provide the question rationale.

If a learner created notes or used the strike out feature when taking their exam, their annotations will be shown to them.

If you adjust the score on an exam or include items which require a grader, learners will also see that information in their feedback.

Learner Curriculum Tags Report

Administrators can also optionally release the Learner Curriculum Tags Report to learners. This allows you to release exam results, based on performance on specific curriculum tags, to the learner. You can customize when learners can access results, which tag sets they should see, and to which learners this applies. If you set this up, the learner will see an additional 'Category' tab when viewing their submitted exams and if they click on it will see a personalized report showing their performance for specific curriculum tags.