Learning Events Tab

All users can access a Learning Events tab from the primary tab menu.

Some users will have a default filters applied when they access the Learning Events tab. For example, learners will automatically see a filtered view of their events. To remove existing filters click the trash can beside a filter name or use the 'Remove All Filters' option in the left sidebar.

Users can optionally apply a variety of filters to their view.

Filters on the Learning Events tab

Users can also optionally toggle between a list view and calendar view of events and control what they see using the day, week, month views. Note the date picker to easily move to a specific date.

Learning Events Tab

There are some database settings that allow you to control which days of the week are displayed on the calendar view of events on the Events tab (settings: calendar_excluded_days_events, calendar_start_on_monday_events). To experiment with changing this view, speak to a developer.