LTI Providers

Elentra allows you to connect to other educational technologies through LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). This allows you to connect to services like Quizlet, Google Classroom, Panopto, etc. in Course and Community pages and when adding resources to events with the resource type LTI Provider.

Permission to Admin > System Settings > LTI Providers You must have one of the following permission levels to access this feature:

  • Medtech > Admin

  • Staff > Admin

Add an LTI Provider

  • Navigate to Admin > System Settings.

  • Click on the name of the organization you want to manage LTI Providers for.

  • Click LTI Providers from the left-hand sidebar.

  • Click Add LTI Provider to add a new entry.

  • Provide the required information.

  • Additional Parameters include:

    • Course Name = %CNAME%

    • Course Code = %CCODE%

    • Course ID = %CID%

    • Community ID = %CMID%

    • User ID = %UID%

    • User Name = %UNAME%

    • Event ID = %EID%

  • Click Save.

Adding a Panopto LTI Provider

As of April 2021, Panopto has identified a bug in their LTI Provider that, when used as a Learning Event Resource, results in the creation of an extra empty folder per LTI Resource. These instructions provide a workaround for Panopto users until the bug is resolved by Panopto.

Unfortunately, this does result in the viewer being directed to a folder that appears to have nothing in it before being directed to the recording; we are hopeful that Panopto will resolve the bug soon.

In Panopto:

  • Create a folder called "Elentra Folder Storage" or something similar in which the empty resource-specific folders will be created.

  • Add Elentra as an Identity Provider to your Panopto installation. Learn more about Panopto's LTI Provider setup here:

In Elentra:

  • Navigate to Admin > System Settings > [select the appropriate organisation] > LTI Providers.

  • Click Add New Provider.

  • LTI Provider Title: enter an appropriate title; e.g., Panopto LTI.

  • Launch URL:

  • LTI Key: enter Elentra.

  • LTI Shared Secret: paste the Shared Secret provided by your Elentra Identify Provider in Panopto.

  • Available To: If you have more than one organisation in your installation of Elentra, select the organisations that this provider should be available to from the dropdown menu.

  • Launch Presentation Width: enter 1000. This can be adjusted as desired.

  • Launch Presentation Height: enter 800. This can be adjusted as desired.

  • Launch CSS URL: leave blank.

  • LTI Additional Parameters: custom_parent_folder_id=[enter the folder id of your Elentra Folder Storage folder by clicking on the folder in Panopto, then copying the section of the URL after folderID=]

    • Optionally, if you want to name the empty folder when it is created after the course, you can add a semicolon after the folder ID and then: context_title=%CCODE%-%CNAME%

  • LTI Category: none.

  • LTI Provider Type: none.

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