Grades from Quizzes
Please note that we strongly recommend using the Elentra Exams module over the Elentra Quizzes module.
A quiz created through the Elentra Quizzes module questions can be automatically graded, however a user must still import those automatically calculated grades into the course gradebook.
    Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses.
    Search for a course as needed.
    Click the cog icon to the right of the course name and select Gradebook.
    Ensure you are in the correct curriculum period and adjust using the period selector in the top right if needed. (The current curriculum period will display by default.)
    Click an assessment name.
    Click the Import/Export button and select Import grades from attached quiz.
    Indicate how you'd like to apply grades (e.g. first attempt, best attempt).
Importing grades from an attached quiz
For further instructions on linking an existing quiz to a gradebook assessment, please see here.
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