Weighted CSV Report

The Weighted CSV Report provides a csv file that includes the data collected through completed forms. It lists users who completed the form down the side and form items across the top. Inside each cell will be data from the form representing the scale ratings made by those who completed the forms. If your response descriptors include numbers (e.g. 1 - Overall, this instructor is an effective teacher.) note that those numbers will not necessarily be reflected in the csv.

It is important to note that the weighted CSV report was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with items using a rating scale (e.g. grouped items using a rubric), and allows you to create custom weights for scale response descriptors which get reflected in the report. There is currently no way to configure these weights through the user interface and you will need a developers help to assign weights to scale response descriptions in the database. (Developers, you'll need to use the cbl_assessment_rating_scale_responses table.)

If no weights are applied to the scale responses, the report defaults to assign a value of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 to the responses in a left to right order. In effect, the Weighted CSV Report will work best if the rating scale you apply to the items mimics a 0-4 value (e.g. Not Applicable, Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree).

Rating Scales in the Weighted CSV Report

Please note that some rating scale values will be ignored in the Weighted CSV Report. Values that will be ignored are:

  • n/a

  • not applicable

  • not observed

  • did not attend

  • please select

Accessing the Weighted CSV Report

You can access the Weighed CSV Report from two places: from the Assessment & Evaluation Reports tab or from an individual distribution.

To access the Weighted CSV Report from Admin>Assessment & Evaluation you must have general access to the Admin>A&E tools. Such access will usually apply to staff:admin, staff:pcoordinator, and faculty:director users when the staff:pcoordiantors and faculty:directors are affiliated with a course/program.

The weighted CSV report is accessible from the Admin>Assessment & Evaluation Reports tab.

  • Click Admin>Assessment & Evaluation.

  • From the second tab menu, click on 'Reports'.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and in the Distribution section and click on 'Weighted CSV Report'.

To access the Weighted CSV Report from an individual distribution you must have access to that distribution.

  • Click on Admin>Assessment & Evaluation.

  • From the first tab menu, click on 'Distributions'.

  • Search for or click on the title of the relevant distribution.

  • Click on the Completed Assessments card (far right).

  • Click on the Weighted CSV button under the Assessments Completed heading.

  • A file should download to your computer.