Meeting Logs

Learners, faculty and program administrators can log meetings to maintain a record of conversations about learner progress. In addition to creating a meeting entry, users can also upload supporting files per meeting.

In CBME enabled organizations users can access the Log Meeting button for the learner's individual dashboard.

Additionally, Learners can access Meetings from the user icon in the top right and Faculty can access their learners meetings from the user icon and My Learners (which will take them to the Assessment and Evaluation My Learners view).

Logging Meetings

  • To enter a record, click the Log Meeting button.

  • Click Log New Meeting.

  • Provide a date, enter any comments and click Create Meeting. The author is automatically recorded.

Logged meetings can have files uploaded to them, be edited or be deleted using the tools in the Actions column. A program admin., academic advisor or competence committee member can create or add to any entry they have made (but not those made by other users).

Meeting logs created by faculty and staff are visible to the learner.

Learner Access to Meeting Logs

Learners have quick access to view their own meeting logs from the CBME dashboard My Meetings button.

In a non-CBME enabled organization, learners can access My Meetings from the user icon in the top right.

Logging a Meeting and Uploading Files

  • From the user icon, click Meetings.

  • Click Log New Meeting.

  • Learners will be prompted to identify an advisor they met with. Click Browse Advisors, select a Curriculum Period (e.g. Sept. 1, 2020 - July 15, 2021) and then search for or select an advisor.

    • The list of advisors available to a learner is based on the course group tutors assigned to them.

  • Enter the date of the meeting.

  • Add any comments from the meeting. (This is optional.)

  • Click Create Meeting.

  • After the meeting is created, learners can optionally upload supporting files by clicking the upload icon in the Actions column.

  • Learners can upload files to meetings logged by other people (e.g., their advisor), however, learners can only edit or delete the meetings they created.

Downloading Files

When learners download a file they will be prompted with:

By downloading this file, you are agreeing that you will review it contents and your review of this file will be indicated in the My Meetings interface. Would you like to continue? Yes or No.

If they click yes, an additional column on the My Meetings interface will record the date and time the file was downloaded.