Faculty and TAs Entering Grades

When faculty or learners assigned as TAs are set as graders on an assessment, they will have access to the assessment from My Grading Tasks. From there they can view assessments, complete any attached forms, and enter grades.

Accessing Grading Tasks

  • In the top right corner click on the user name to open the personal menu options.

  • Click 'Grading Tasks'.

  • The Grading Tasks page shows any courses in which a user has a grading task.

  • Click on the appropriate course and to see assessments with grading tasks.

  • In the Submitted column graders can see how many assignments have been submitted (if the assessment includes a drop box). In the Graded column graders can see their own progress towards completion.

  • Click on an assessment to see a list of learners and to enter grades.

  • Click on a cell in the Grade column and enter a grade.

    • If a form has been attached to an assessment it will open for the grader to view.

    • If a drop box assignment was included, graders will also be able to view and access it.

Grading via an Attached Assessment and Evaluation Form

If a form created in the Assessment and Evaluation has been attached to a gradebook assessment, graders will see that form when they click on the grade cell for a learner. Graders can complete the form, provide comments as required, and the learner grade will be automatically calculated (form items are weighted and given point totals when they are added to the gradebook).

Please note that custom grades and adjusting point values per form, per learner are not currently supported for users grading outside a course gradebook. Although users will see these options in the user interface, they cannot save a grade if they have customized it.

Additionally, if a custom grade has already been entered via a course gradebook, individual graders will not be able to override that grade.

Additional Public Grading Notes

  • There is currently no support for assigned graders to view portfolio entries from the public grading page. If a portfolio is attached to a gradebook entries can only be viewed by a staff:admin or course director who has access to the complete course gradebook.


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