Managing Blocks

For more information on Granular Clinical Scheduling, please click the link.

  • Navigate to Admin > Clinical Experience.

  • Filter for the appropriate curriculum period and course if needed.

  • Click 'Rotation Schedule' below the Filter option card.

  • Click on the appropriate rotation schedule title.

  • Click on 'Rotations Setup' under the Rotation Schedule title.

  • Click on the pencil icon to the right of the rotation you want to edit slots for.

  • The rotation details will open; scroll down until you see a list of blocks.

  • Click on the pencil icon to the right of a block name to open the block details card.

  • On the Block Details card you can edit the title, provide a block description, tailor the start and end dates, specify sites, buildings and rooms, and specify preceptors as needed. The details you add here will be accessible to the slots in this block.

  • A note on making your selections:

    • Click 'Choose Site' or 'Choose Preceptor' to open a list of options.

    • Click on the 'Sites' or similar bar to search for or select your option. Clicking the checkbox beside a site or building will make the children of that entity available as selections. To add a site or building, click the green 'Add' button to the right of the site name.

    • To close the searchable list of sites click 'Sites' again, or click 'Choose Site'.

    • Everything you choose will display on a list and have a red 'Remove' button beside it if you need to remove something.

  • After making your selections, click 'Save'.

Managing Slots

  • On the next card down, you can manage the available slots for the block. Elentra automatically creates one on-service slot for every block.

  • Click 'Add Slot'.

  • Select a slot type from the list. The options are on-service learner or off-service learner. On-service slots will be open to learners enrolled in your program. Off-service slots can be made available to learners from other programs, and if so, will display on the rotation lists of those programs. Currently, there is no user interface to change these two slot type options.

  • Optionally select a site for the slot by clicking 'Choose Site'. The quick pick list of available sites is based on the sites assigned to the block.

  • Optionally select a preceptor for the slot by clicking 'Choose Preceptor'. The quick pick list of available preceptors is based on the sites assigned to the block.

  • The 'Enforce occupancy limits' is used to limit the number of learners booked into a specific slot. This feature is optional but must be used if you plan to use the Elentra Lottery tool.

  • If you turn 'Enforce occupancy limits' on, set the minimum and maximum number of learners for this slot.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • You can add multiple slots to a block to provide an infinite number of opportunities for learners.

If you plan to use the Elentra Lottery tool and you have multiple sites available, you must create a slot per site and define the maximum numbers for that site. This is the way the lottery can make sure to appropriately schedule learners.