Publishing the Schedule

The Lottery's Working Schedule

A Lottery's "working schedule" begins as a copy of the rotation schedule that is initially imported when the Lottery is created. It works as a temporary sort of holding tank for the initial state of the schedule, but it also includes all of the edits that have been made to it since, as well __ as __ every Schedule Variation that has been merged in at the end of a Stage

After creating your Lottery, building and opening Stages within it, and drafting and merging in Schedule Variations, your Lottery's working schedule should hopefully be in a state where it is ready to be published, which will make it accessible to all of the audience's Learners.

Publishing the Lottery's Working Schedule

To publish a Lottery's working schedule, navigate to the Lotteries Overview, to view your list of Lottery Cards. Click on the "More" button on the target Lottery's card (the chevron icon button in the right-hand side of the card header) to expand the card.

You will then see two tabs, labelled Schedule and Stages. Ensure that the Schedule tab is highlighted, and a version of the rotation scheduler will display everything currently contained within the Lottery's working schedule, presented as a stacked list of Learners. Below this scheduler interface is a Publish button.