Completing a Summary Assessment Task

Distributions in Elentra can be configured to allow assessors/evaluators to view the results of previously completed tasks when completing their own tasks.

Say you have a learner on a clinical rotation. Every three days they may get assessed by a preceptor using a daily encounter form. At the end of the rotation, a director is expected to complete a final assessment form on the learner. An administrator can configure a distribution to allow the director to view the previously completed daily encounter tasks and use aggregated data to help them make their ratings on the final assessment form.

For any items that were used on both forms, the summary assessment task assessor will be able to see an aggregate count of ratings and comments made on previously completed tasks.

The summary assessment task assessor can also view any completed task in full (e.g. see all additional items included on form, any comments given, etc.).

Summary assessment tasks currently rely on distributed tasks (not user initiated on demand tasks using workflows). If you have a scenario where you'd like learners to be able to initiate tasks on demand but still include those tasks in a head form distribution you should set up an adhoc or delegation distribution for the learners. Then you can link that distribution to the head form distribution.