Elentra Exams allows users to create questions, import existing questions, create and post exams, have learners complete exams in a secure online environment, allow faculty to grade exam questions, and run reports on exam results.

While the module is called Exams, it can be used to deliver quizzes or other knowledge-based assessments. To complete performance-based assessments of learners, please seeAssessment & Evaluation.

At a high level, in the Exams module you can:

  • Create questions (e.g., multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer) that can be assigned courses, curriculum tags, and/or labels (labels allow defined users to access questions for read or write purposes)

  • Group questions together into exams (questions can be used on multiple exams) and define a point value for each question

  • Configure settings for an exam including randomization of questions, and the format of question delivery (e.g., one question per page)

  • Deliver an exam to learners by posting it to a learning event; define time limits, set learner accommodations, set security options, and configure how you'll release scores and feedback to learners on each exam post

  • Configure exam posts to include option features like a calculator and self-timer for learners to access

  • Add graders to an exam post so they can grade short answer and essay questionsLink an exam post to a gradebook assessment so the assessment is automatically populated once an exam is complete

You can watch a recording about Exams at collaborate.elentra.org (login required).

Access to Manage Exams

Most faculty and staff users can access Admin > Manage Exams. The additional actions they can take will depend on your institution's access-control list (ACL) and whether the user is associated with a course or exam label.

By default, only staff:admin users can create Labels and add users to Labels. Those Labels then grant access to read/write abilities within the exam module.

Elentra can support giving learners read and write access to exam questions through Labels. In addition to creating a Label and assigning learners to it, students must have the 'Student Admin' flag set in their user profile. This flag allows a learner to access Admin > Manage Exams.

Only users with medtech:admin permissions can migrate questions from another exam software.


To use Exams, you must have the following set up:

  • Course(s)

  • Learners assigned as a course audience

  • At least one learning event to post the exam and deliver it to learners

Database Settings

Database Setting



Value can be "permissive" or "restrictive". If "restrictive", then the Exam Purpose must be either Summative or Formative. If "permissive", it can be either, both, or none.


Use to control the visibility of exam security options. Defaults to basic,seb,rp_now,examity. You can optionally add respondus.


This is a 2 letter organisation-specific code. The Elentra prefix is set as default: na


This is the encryption key required by the browser, for testing purpose.


This is the encryption key required by the browser, for testing purpose.


These define the download URLs of the browser for each platform. By default, the download link from Respondus is set, but this should be hosted locally as they may be changed unexpectedly by Respondus.