Elentra ME User Documentation
Elentra ME 1.24

Course Websites

Whenever you add a course to Elentra, you add basic course information to the database and users will be able to see a simple course page for each course. You can optionally create a more robust online course community for learners and faculty by creating a course website using Elentra's Communities Module. The course website will replace the basic course page accessed from the Courses tab and functions like an online syllabus.
Here is how a course without a website will appear to users:
Course without a website will have limited details
Here is how a course with a website will appear to users:
A course with a website will have templated pages that include more detail
Note that the course website relies on a templated set of pages (e.g., background, calendar, prerequisites, etc.). The template shown and described below comes with stock Elentra but if your organization requires a different template, or you want different templates for different courses (e.g., clinical and nonclinical), that is customization work that can be done.
There is a database setting to control whether or not you display users added as program coordinators on course pages (setting = community_course_outline_hide_pcoordinators). To change this setting please speak to a developer.

Database Setting Options

Database Setting
Use this option to hide program coordinators from the course website.
Use this option to control whether or not users viewing files on a Documents page can see previous file versions.
Control whether or not learners enrolled in a course will automatically be added to a course website.
Use this option to disable the ability of non-medtech users to invite guests to a community.
Use this option to automatically provision all faculty associated with a course as administrators of the corresponding course website.