Milestone Report

Accessible by PDs and PAs from the CBME Dashboard Stages tab, the Milestone Report allows faculty and PAs to generate a milestone report for a specific learner. This report is a breakdown of completed assessments that have been tagged to milestones and EPAs. Assessments are tallied based on the milestone and EPA that they are tagged to and the tool generates one report per unique scale. The number of unique scales is determined by what tools were used to complete the included assessment tools. The reports are generated as CSVs and are zipped into a folder.

From a learner's CBME Dashboard Stages tab, click Milestone Report in the top right (beside Log Meeting).

1. Select a date range for the report. 2. Click “Get Tools" 3. Select the tools that you wish to view the aggregated milestone report for, or click “Select All Tools" 4. Click “Generate Report”. This will open a download modal for you to select where to save the zip file. 5. Unzip the file 6. If multiple rating scales were used to assess the milestones, there will be one CSV file for each rating scale 7. Open a CSV file 8. Each row represents a milestone, and each column represents the rating scale options. These rating scale options are grouped by EPA (e.g., for the Queen’s Three-Point Scale, you will see 4 columns for each EPA: Not Observed, Needs Attention, Developing, and Achieving). 9. Each cell displays the total number of times that milestone was assessed for that EPA, including how many times it was rated at that level on the rating scale (e.g., 3 of 6 completed assessments were rated as “Achieving”.

NOTE: Even though you may have selected only one of many Supervisor Tools (or other tools), if you used the same scale on all tools, the report will display all data for all tools that used that rating scale. We will be enhancing this in future iterations to only report on tool(s) selected.