Overview of Task Status

Program Administrators and Faculty Directors have the ability to get an overview of others' task completion status from Admin > Assessment and Evaluation.

  • Navigate to Admin > Assessment and Evaluation.

  • Filter by task delivery type as needed.

  • View Outstanding, Upcoming, or Deleted tasks.

  • Search any list for for specific forms, or owners. Note: The 'Owner' is the person who is responsible for completing the form.

  • Hover over the Targets column to view the targets of the form.

  • Check the appropriate boxes and then send reminders as needed.

  • Check the appropriate boxes and then 'Delete Task(s)' as needed.

  • Click on any form to complete it on behalf of another user.

The list of users included in the Outstanding task list are those faculty listed as "Associated Faculty" on the program setup tab, faculty who have been included in a distribution in the course, and learners in the audience of a program enrolment (also configured on the program setup tab).