Auditing A Course

If you have learners who need or want to audit a course your options depend on the privacy settings of the course.

If the course is open (i.e., anyone logged in to Elentra can view it), you can:

  • Leave the learner's profile as active.

  • Instruct them to navigate to their Learning Event tab and remove any filters that are set by default.

  • Instruct them to filter by the course they plan to audit. This will show them all the learning events for the course.

  • If they have been assigned to a particular group, ask them to attend the sessions designated for that group.

If the course is private and only visible to logged in users enrolled in the course, enrol the learner as an individual in the course. To exclude the learner from the course gradebook, ensure that the assessments in the Gradebook are only associated with the cohort/course list, and not all learners enrolled in the course.

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