Elentra ME User Documentation
Elentra ME 1.24

User Management

New in ME 1.22!
  • The ability to indicate a user's preferred personal pronoun (database setting enabled)
Elentra allows you to collect and store information about users in a variety of ways. Each user can have a basic profile (name, email, etc.) but you can configure Elentra to collect additional information using extended profile fields associated with specific departments.
Many institutions sync their user records with a centralized authoritative record of users which reduces the work of maintaining a user database.

Database Settings

Database Setting
Set to 0 by default; 1 enables the option to set a preferred personal pronoun for staff:admin users (can optionally allow users to set their own pronouns with a different setting)
Allows the option to include post-nominal letters like MD, PhD, etc. and generational suffix like Jr. and Sn. to a user's profile.