Create an Organizational Tree

This step is optional based on your curriculum structure and needs. An Organization Tree makes the most sense to use when multiple courses share identical curriculum. You will be able to apply an organisation tree to multiple courses when you set them up and build their course trees.

Create an Organization Tree

  1. Click on the framework title in the Curriculum Builder table where you want to create, or edit an organization tree.

  2. Click the Organization Tree tab.

  3. On the Create New Organization Tree page, input the Title name.

  4. Click the Save and Proceed to Uploader button.

  5. At this point you'll be prompted to upload the required files to populate your tree.

  6. For each tag set select Default Upload or Upload referencing single parent code.

  7. Click Choose a file or drag and drop to add a .csv file.

    Once the .csv file is selected, the upload area will display the file name.

  8. Click the Save and upload tag set name button. A confirmation highlighted in green will display when the file is uploaded successfully.

  9. Scroll down to click the Next Step button.

  10. Continue until all tag sets are populated.

Delete an Organization Tree

  1. On the Organization Tree tab, click the trash icon associated with the tree you want to delete.

  2. On the Delete an Organization Tree page, click the Delete this tree button.

  3. You will receive a notification that the tree was deleted, and the page will return to the Organization Trees table.