Managing Competency Committees

You need to be logged in as a program coordinator or program director to create or modify competence committees.

Navigate to Admin>Manage course and select a course.

Under the program title, click on Setup.

Scroll down to the Course Contacts section and find the 'Competency Committee Members' section.

Begin to type a name to retrieve a list of potential committee members.

Click on the name you want to add and repeat as necessary.

When a name has been added it will appear below the search box.

After you have added the required names, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’.

Note that all Competency Committee Members for a program will be able to access all resident profiles in that program and will have the ability to promote them.

Promoting Learners Through Stages

Members of Competency Committees can promote learners through stages from the learner CBME dashboard. For more information please see the Reviewing Learner Progress>Promoting Learners Through Stages lesson.