CSV formatting for Curriculum Tag Uploads

Use .csv format to upload objectives

Depending on your curriculum framework and organization's needs, you may upload your tag sets within the organizational tree (and then leverage that tree in multiple courses), or you may upload your tag sets through individual courses.


The titles of the column headings in the uploaded spreadsheets must be the following:

Two Upload Options:

Note: Make sure you list all parents for a curriculum tag in one row, with commas separating the parents. There should be no duplicates in the Code column; if there are, Elentra will only pick up the first parent relationship for that code/tag and ignore the remaining entries.

Default Upload

  • The “Parent(s)” field must be specific as to where the objective is to be located in the Curriculum Framework structure:

    • Example: for objective PTYPE1, Parent(s) field may be: “DOCC1-EPA1-POE1, DOCC1-EPA1-POE2” - This will attach objective PTYPE1 to Curriculum Tag PEO1 under EPA1, which is under DOCC1, as well as PEO2, under EPA1, which is under DOCC1.

  • Parent(s) field can be empty until used in another upload. For example, objectives at the highest level would be uploaded with the “Parent(s)” field empty.

Sample .csv format:

Sample .csv format:

Upload Referencing a Single Parent Code

  • Upload objectives referencing their immediate parent.

    • Example: when uploading objective PTYPE1, the Parent(s) field may only specify “POE1, POE2”. This attaches PTYPE1 to wherever Curriculum Tags POE1 and POE2 appear, no matter their parents or where they appear in the hierarchy.

Sample .csv format:

Sample .csv format:

Uploading Objectives Example

Demo Session

The Core Team recorded a demo session with a complete walk-through of the creation and versioning of Objective Trees:


Given Curriculum Framework with structure:

DOCC - Domains of Clinical Care

EPA - Entrustable Professional Activity

POE - Phase of Encounter

PTYPE - Procedure Type

P - Procedure

SD/FMR - Skill Dimensions & FM CanMEDs Role

PT - Priority Topic

P&P - Progress & Promotion

When selecting to create a new Objective Tree Version and choosing to Upload, a page will be displayed to allow the user to upload objectives for each of the above Curriculum Tag Sets in the hierarchy, in order of hierarchy:

  1. Domains of Clinical Care

  2. Progress & Promotion

  3. Entrustable Professional Activity

  4. Phase of Encounter

  5. Skill Dimensions & FM CanMEDs Role

  6. Priority Topic

  7. Procedure Type

  8. Procedure

Note: For each of the above, the user can upload a CSV of objectives and select either Default upload or Upload referencing a single parent code.

Level 1 - Root Level

For Curriculum Tag Sets with no parent in the Curriculum Framework structure, the selected method does not matter, since no Parent is specified for the Objectives.

For example, the following can be used to set objectives for Curriculum Tag Domains of Clinical Care, no matter the upload method since no Parent is specified.

Root Level Objectives

Level 2

In addition, for Curriculum Tag Sets that appear in the second level (below the top) in the Curriculum Framework, the upload method will also not matter since only a single Parent is specified:

Root Level Objectives

In the above example, objective EPA2 has two parents, DOCC2 and DOCC3.

For Curriculum Tag Sets that appear in lower levels than the top in the Curriculum Framework, the selected upload method will matter.

Level 3

Default Upload Method Example

The following is an example of how POE objectives can be uploaded using the Default Method, under EPAs:

The above will set objective POE1 under DOC1-EPA1 in the hierarchy for example. Also note the difference between POE4 and POE5.

POE4 is assigned to EPA2, but only EPA2 under DOCC2 in the hierarchy, where POE5 is assigned to EPA2 under DOCC3:

Single Parent Code Upload Example

The following is an example of how POE objectives can be uploaded using the Single Parent Code method, under EPAs:

In the above, EPA2, no matter where it is in the hierarchy, is assigned the set objectives POE2, POE3, POE4 and PEO5. Therefore, both DOCC2-EPA2, and DOCC3-EPA2 are assigned those objectives.

Subsequent levels would be assigned objectives in a similar way.