Elentra's Lottery module is designed to streamline the process of populating a rotation schedule for the clinical portion of a curriculum. The module provides administrators with the ability to create, manage, and configure lotteries, while also providing learners with the opportunity to provide input by ranking and submitting their preferences. Each lottery incorporates its learners' preferences into a processing algorithm, which can be run one or more times, with each variation creating a draft schedule that tracks the level of calculated learner satisfaction. Resulting draft schedules may then be compared based on their learner satisfaction scores and manually edited as needed, and once an administrator has reviewed their chosen draft schedule, it can be published as the finalized schedule.

You can watch a recording about the Lottery module at (login required).

Sample Process

The following is a high-level example of the process an organization may go through when configuring and running a lottery using the Elentra module.

Please note that a prerequisite to using the Elentra Lottery module is building rotation schedules in the Clinical Experience > Rotation Schedule module. These instructions assume you have Rotation Schedules and Rotations built.

  • Create a Lottery for a specified curriculum period, providing a title and visibility date, then selecting a draft schedule to determine its audience and available rotations.

  • Schedule a Stage within the created Lottery by setting the date and time when it should be available to learners to provide their preferences.

  • Create a series of Options for the Stage, one for each different arrangement of scheduled rotations.

  • The scheduled Stage opens on its specified date and time.

  • While the Stage is open, each learner logs in and ranks the Options in order of which ones they prefer the most.

  • The Stage closes on its specified closing date and time.

  • The Stage is then manually executed with a set number of variations. For each variation, a potential draft schedule is generated, incorporating the learners' ranked preferences and schedule availability.

  • The variations are reviewed to determine which is the most viable, with the highest learner satisfaction. The chosen variation is merged into the Lottery's working schedule.

  • The Lottery's working draft schedule is reviewed and published. (It can then be merged into the Rotation Schedule used to build the lottery.)

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