Providing online meeting urls in Learning Events

If your organization is in a situation requiring that instruction and small group activities be completed remotely via web conference software, you can optionally automate the process of providing meeting urls to learners through Learning Events. Please note that this optional setting impacts ALL learning events in your organization. You can't currently set things up so that some courses automatically display links to online meeting urls and others don't.

Database settings are required for this tool to work. Please confirm that a developer has enabled the following and discuss with them what you want to provide in each:

  • show_personal_meeting_links

  • personal_meeting_url_prefix (e.g.

  • personal_meeting_window_minutes (how long before an event you want users to be able to access the link)

  • personal_meeting_platform_provider (e.g. Zoom)

  • personal_meeting_intro_text (any information you want to precede the url on a Learning Event)

  • personal_meeting_event_types

  • personal_meeting_event_types_excluded

  • personal_meeting_courses

  1. Associate individual faculty with a meeting id in the User Profile.

  2. All events where that faculty member is listed as the instructor will automatically provide the appropriate meeting url for learners to click on.