CBME to CBE Post-Migration Review

Use this path to review migrated CBME data to CBE

Pre-requisite: A developer has already migrated CBME data to CBE.

After migrations have run and you log back into your upgraded Elentra ME 1.24 or higher environment, you can expect to see some automatically generated Curriculum Frameworks.

Since most schools have mapped to Milestones, we'll focus on that framework for demonstrative purposes.

The Royal College Framework (Milestones) framework should look like this:

Where tag set relationships are defined as follows:

You should not need to change anything about this setup.

Please check all tag set settings for the tags included in your Royal College Framework (Milestones). This is important to ensure that the learner dashboard, program dashboard and assessment plan builder behave as expected. (See recommended tag set settings in Step 8 on the next page.)