Grading Scales

Configuring grading scales allows you to apply a grading scale to course gradebooks, weighted collections, and assessments. When managing assessments you can optionally allow learners to view their results using a marking scheme (e.g. percent, numeric) and/or a grading scale (e.g. Honors, Pass, Fail). Both marking scheme and grading scale all also displayed to users when entering grades in Admin > Manage Course > Gradebook.

Currently all grading scales do require a corresponding percentage to be stored in the database and no two letter grades can share the same percentage value.

How to add a grading scale to an organization

Only users with access to Admin > System Settings (e.g., medtech:admin or staff:admin users) can edit Grading Scales.

  • Navigate to Admin > System Settings.

  • Click the name of the organization for which you want to manage a grading scale.

  • Click 'Grading Scales' on the left sidebar.

  • A default grading scale is provided. If your school only has one grading scale it may be fastest to modify the existing default scale to suit your organization's needs. If so, click on the default scale to edit it.

  • To add an entirely new scale, click 'Add New Grading Scale'.

  • Complete the required information noting the following:

    • Title: Provide a title for the grading scale. If the grading scale applies only to one cohort of learners or is in effect for a specific period of time that might be useful to include it the title. Users working in course gradebooks will see the grading scale title when they are specifying a grading scale to use in a collection or assessment.

    • Ranges: This is where you enter the grading scale information.

      • The system requires that there be a 0 start percentage to be valid so make sure to include one.

      • The information you provide in the Letter Grade column is what will display to learners if you choose to display their results in the Gradebook using a grading scale.

      • GPA is not required and currently doesn't integrate with Elentra unless you have a customization.

      • Notes is optional and is not seen outside the Grading Scale page.

      • Click 'Add Range' to add additional rows.

      • The rows will reorder as you add them so that they display in order. You can click the arrow in the Start % column header to show the percentages ascending or descending.

      • Note that you do not enter a number to denote the top of the range.

      • To delete a range click the red X icon in the far right column of the appropriate range.

  • A Description for the grading scale can be provided. This is optional and is not seen outside the Grading Scale page.

  • When you've added all the required information, click 'Save'.

  • You will get a green success message and be redirected to the list of existing grading scales.\

  • To edit an existing grading scale click on its title.

  • Make the necessary changes.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • To delete an existing grading scale click the checkbox beside its title.

  • Click 'Delete Selected'.

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