Dashboard and Calendar

What Learners See

On the learner dashboard, learners have a calendar view of upcoming events that include them in the audience.

  • Learners can toggle between day, week, and month view.

  • Learners can download or subscribe to a calendar.

  • From the calendar, learners can click on an event title to see more event details, download resources for that event or navigate to the event page.

What Faculty See

  • Faculty have a calendar view on their dashboard under the Learning Events tab. In addition, they will see a list of all events with which they are associated under the heading My Teaching Events.

  • Faculty can select to view different time periods using the Events taking place dropdown menu.

What Others See

Staff and other users not associated with any learning events will not see a calendar on their dashboard. Admin. users will see a calendar that displays the schedule of the most recently created cohort.

Where events come from

  • The calendar is automatically populated with all scheduled events, however, users will only see the events for which they are an audience member.

  • To have something display on the calendar, add it as a learning event via Admin>Manage Events.

  • The Events calendar in a Course Community also shows scheduled learning events.

Events created in a Community do not show on a user's dashboard calendar.