Dashboard and Calendar

New in ME 1.20!

  • The option to define the default event color for an organization in the database settings table (events_default_color)

  • The option to have events change color when a file or link has been modified. Configured via a database setting (events_limit_color_update_trigger)

    • Note that if an organization has color settings applied for events, updated events will show via an icon instead.

    • Also, icon only shows if a learner had already viewed the event, then a file or link was modified. (If the learner has never viewed the event, they won't see a change.)

  • The option to include rotation schedules and clinical events in a single calendar view for learners (calendar_display_rotations)

  • A database setting option to exclude specific courses and their rotations in the learner dashboard calendar view (calendar_display_rotations_excluded_courses)

  • A database setting option to set a threshold for clinical events to display on the learner dashboard calendar along with rotations (e.g., so you could have 3 clinical events showing and a rotation schedule showing but once you hit 4 clinical events, the calendar will stop showing the rotation) (calendar_display_rotations_clinical_event_threshold)

When users log in to Elentra they will land on their personalized dashboard. From here they can view their schedule, quickly check their Assessment and Evaluation tasks, access any of the main menu tabs, click on their user icon for personal options, or even initiate an on-demand assessment.

The personalized calendar that displays on the dashboard will show users their upcoming events and can optionally show them additional events scheduled through Communities. Faculty and administrative users also have the option to view all events for specific courses. Academic events can be represented on the calendar in different colours which can be controlled a variety of ways (e.g., colour per event type, per course, etc.).

Database Setting Options

Database Setting



Show or hide the podcast card in the sidebar.


Show or hide the bookmarks option in the sidebar.














used to control whether or not to show learners their rotation schedule in the event calendar view on the dashboard


if empty, system will show learners rotations and clinical events on their calendar, if you enter a value, e.g. 3, calendar will show both clinical events and rotations until that value is exceeded, at which point it will no longer show the rotation on the learner's calendar


can enter course ids, excludes those courses from learner calendar api, use to hide specific courses from learner calendar