Curriculum Map Versions

The Curriculum Map Versions feature allows an organisation to create curriculum maps with specific linkages between curriculum tags. Each curriculum map includes curriculum periods and the curriculum tags and mapped relationships between tags are available to be applied to any features (courses, learning events, gradebook assessment entries, etc.) that exist with the curriculum periods included in a specific map.

How to create a curriculum map version

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Curriculum.

  • Click 'Curriculum Map Versions' from the left sidebar.

  • Click 'Add Version' and fill in the required fields noting the following: Version Status: Draft or published curriculum maps will be available when creating links between curriculum tags and will also be available to be copied to new map versions as needed.

  • Click on the appropriate curriculum layouts and a list of curriculum periods will be displayed. Click on the appropriate curriculum periods for this map version and save your work.

How to copy an existing curriculum map version

  • Repeat the steps above and in the Import Options section, tick off the checkbox.

  • Select the curriculum map version you wish to copy from the dropdown menu.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • This will create an identical curriculum map for the new map version which you can then edit as needed.

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