Considerations for Clerkship

Elentra users frequently ask about the best options to support assessments in clerkships.

There is no current support in the Elentra Gradebook for assessment due dates to be automated based on a rotation schedule. Instead, if you use a relatively traditional clerkship schedule, consider the following options.

Within a Course Gradebook, build unique assessments per rotation or block

If your clerkship assessments have due dates and you want to track them in Elentra, you can build unique assessments per rotation/block so that the learners in that rotation/block see their due dates. If you take this approach, when you create the assessments you can set the audience to be a specific course group. For each assessment, administrators will just see the learners in that course group which can help with monitoring completion.

You can also use Collections in a Gradebook to organize the assessments per rotation/block for ease of use.

Remember that the Gradebook allows you to copy assessments, so an efficient approach can be to build a list of assessments for one rotation/block and then copy it multiple times, editing the audience and due dates as needed. If multiple clerkships have similar assessment plans you can also copy a list of assessments from one course to another.

Within a Course Gradebook, create one set of assessments for all learners

If you have very few clerkship assessments or the assessments don't require due dates that are unique to a rotation/block, you can create assessments that apply to the entire course enrolment and enter the information on a rolling basis. This approach can be a little more tedious when staff are confirming all information for all learners in a specific rotation/block has been entered, so consider adding the assessment audience by adding multiple course groups. Then administrators can filter the grade entry page by course group and more easily see if all learners for a particular rotation/block have their information up-to-date.

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