Exam Question Labels

In Elentra ME 1.23 and higher, labels replace folders. Like folders, labels can be associated with specific users to give those users access to questions assigned that label. More than one label can be assigned to a question which gives you maximum flexibility in identifying when questions from your bank are used (e.g. associated with a course and a specialty topic and something else as needed).

Label Index

The Label Index allows you to easily search and filter labels attached to exams & questions. You can decide which columns are visible (searchable).

Deleting a label will remove it from any associated questions and remove any permissions associated with that label.

Create New Labels

Only staff:admin can create labels.

To create a label:

  1. Give the Label a name

  2. Optionally give the Label a description

  3. Specify the users that should be given permissions for anything associated with this label

  4. For each user set if they should have Read Only or Read and Write permissions.

Note: Currently the permissions table for each user only affects questions, it does not affect exams or groups.

The use of labels extends any existing ACL rules for a question. If a question has both a course and label applied Elentra first uses the course contacts table, if fails to authorize at course level, it will check label and grant access as appropriate.

If labels have conflicting permissions and one question is tagged with both, the permissions are cumulative (so a user will get their highest permissable access).