Comments in Gradebook

New in ME 1.13!

Course Gradebooks now support commenting for staff and course directors with full access to the gradebook. This tool can be used to record notes and also automatically records the date and time that grades were entered or changed. Note that for the first release of this feature, only grades entered directly from the main grade assessments page will automatically have the date and time of entry recorded. If graders assigned to an assessment enter grades from the public grading page, or a grade is calculated after an attached assessment form is completed, the date and time will not be recorded.

Access the comments from the speech bubble beside a learner name. A filled in bubble indicates that there is a manually entered comment.

Sample list of learners; there are comments entered for Bennie and Marion

Click on the bubble to view existing records. Type a comment and click 'Submit'. To close the window click the 'x' in the top right.