Adjust Exam Scoring

Users may have reason to adjust the scoring of an exam after it has been written (e.g., decide a question was confusingly worded).The Adjust Exam Scoring tab will be visible to staff:admin by default, and staff:pcoorindators and faculty:directors for exams they are specifically permissioned to.

Adjusting the exam scoring will impact all posts of an exam! If an exam was used in 2018 and again in 2019 and you adjust the scores in 2019 you will also impact the 2018 exam post and its results.

If you adjust the scoring on an exam, and have released feedback for an exam post, learners will see a note reflecting the changes.

If you have linked an exam to a gradebook assessment, adjustments made to the exam scoring will automatically get reflected in the gradebook assessment (and in the learners' view of their grade if it is displayed to them).

Adjusting Exam Scoring

From the Adjust Score tab you can:

  • Adjust which item response is correct or incorrect

    • Click 'Mark Incorrect' to set a previously correct answer to be incorrect.

    • Click 'Mark Correct' to set a previously incorrect answer to be correct.

    • Pay close attention to the words on the buttons! Answers that are correct are shown with a filled in radio button (not those with a green button beside them).

    • In the example below, 'A' is the correct answer (despite the red button beside it). If B was also a correct answer, one would click 'Mark Correct'.

  • Edit the point value for an item

    • Enter the new point value and click 'Update Question Points'

    • This will update the total point value and adjust learner scores accordingly.

  • Throw Out Questions

    • This will remove the question from the exam entirely. The exam's total point value will decrease.

  • Make Bonus

    • This will give bonus credit to any learner who correctly answered the question.

    • When viewed through the Exams module, the total points for the exam will decrease by the question point value, but the learners' points will remain the same. (The denominator decreases while the numerator remains the same.)

      • In effect, a learner can score over 100% on an exam if you make a question a bonus.

    • Note that if an exam is attached to a gradebook assessment and you make an item a bonus, if you display the exam score numerically in the gradebook, the denominator will actually stay the same as the original points total, however, the learners' points totals will be multiplied to account for their bonus points.

  • Give Full Credit

    • This will give full credit for the item to every learner. The exam point total stays the same, and learners' points will increase (assuming they originally got the item incorrect). (The denominator remains consistent while the numerator potentially increases.)