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Elentra ME 1.26
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Context-Based Linkages

This feature is optional and must be enabled in the settings file to be accessible through the user interface.
Context-based curriculum linkages allow you to map relationships between curriculum tags at the course, event, and unit level. These mapped relationships will be visible on the course, unit, and event pages. While this feature creates records of information in the same way that linking curriculum tags through Admin>Manage Curriculum does, the display capabilities are quite different. Using context-based linkages will allow users to click on curriculum tags from within units and events and see the mapped relationships.
There are different areas where you can build context-based linkages and often they are used in conjunction with the Units feature.
Assign curriculum tags to a course and link them to other curriculum tags. Do this from a course setup page. Assign curriculum tags to a unit and link them to other curriculum tags. The list of tags assigned to a unit will be displayed under Week's Objectives. This information, including the context-based linkages, will also display under the Unit Tags section of a weeks page. Do this from a course unit page. Assign curriculum tags to a learning event and link them to other curriculum tags. If you link your event level objectives to a unit tag the learning event will display on the list of week's objectives and show the connection to the unit objective. Do this from a learning event page.
Having a list of events display on a week's page actually comes from linking the event to a unit, not the context-based curriculum tags.\