Lecture Capture

The Elentra lecture capture tool allows you to automate recordings of selected event types in specific room locations and have the resulting videos automatically posted as resources to the relevant events.

Support currently exists for NCast telepresenters, Mediasite and Panopto.

For more technical information about how to setup your NCast tools, the required calendar feeds, etc. please contact Elentra.

To use the lecture capture tools you must provide the appropriate information in various parts of the platform. You need to:

  1. Configure Media Sources via Admin > System Settings > Media Sources Management.

  2. Ensure that you have defined your sites, buildings, and rooms via Admin > System Settings > Location Management; particularly those rooms that have recorders you wish to use to capture learning events.

  3. For the Rooms that have recorders, ensure that you define the Resources available in each room (e.g., Capture), identify the associated recorder as the Device for each room, and define the Media Source.

  4. Configure courses to automatically record sessions via Admin > Manage Courses (see here for more information; you'll need to scroll down to the lecture capture section).

  5. Optionally manage events as needed to edit recording status (e.g. if faculty can turn recordings on and off).

  6. Ensure faculty have consented to recording their sessions in their user profile.

  7. Use the Media Sources Management tab located in System Settings for an organisation to view all events that satisfy your lecture capture conditions and their setting and choose to synchronize the recordings immediately and enable the capture and/or auto-resource association with the corresponding event or disable the capture and/or auto-resource association with the corresponding event.

By default, the lecture capture tool requires faculty to consent to video capture. Organizations can optionally override this with a database setting (setting: capture_consent_enabled). If you wish to override the requirement for faculty to consent to video capture, speak to a developer about changing the setting.

At the start of each day, a behind the scenes task checks all events that are set to be recorded that day. The system automatically creates a streaming resource that will be available 30 minutes after the end of the recording and posted to the relevant event.

The display of lecture capture resources 30 minutes after the event is the default setting. This can be changed in the database to reflect a different amount of time (setting: capture_min_available_after_event). Speak to a developer if you want to change the setting.

Learners will see resources added to events as shown here.

  • When using the Mediasite or Panopto integration, as soon as the event begins recording, the link to the Lecture Recording can be made live and accessible as a streaming resource to learners during the event, if permitted through Mediasite or Panopto's settings.

Database Setting Options

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