Managing Lotteries

Lotteries Overview

The Lotteries Overview is the landing page for Elentra's Lottery module, and consists of a stacked list of all existing lotteries (represented as separate Lottery Cards) that are associated with the currently selected curriculum period.

Curriculum Period Selector

At the top of the lotteries overview is a dropdown selector labelled Term & Curriculum Period. Lotteries are always bound to a specific curriculum period. To view the list of existing lotteries, or to create a new lottery you must first select a curriculum period.

Once a curriculum period is selected, a stacked list below will be populated with any existing lotteries, and the inline Add Lottery button will become enabled, allowing the admin to create a new lottery.

Note: If the currently selected curriculum period has ended, the Add Lottery button will be disabled, and any existing lottery cards will not be available for editing.

Lotteries List

Each lottery associated with the selected curriculum period will be represented in this list as an individual Lottery Card. Just above this list of cards, there are controls for searching through and sorting the list of lotteries. To search for a specific lottery by name, you may use the Search Lotteries input field, or adjust the Sort By selector **** to arrange the list in ascending or descending order, by either the title or date.