Smart Tag Form Template

Smart Tag Forms

Smart tag forms are template-based forms which are built and published without curriculum tags attached to them.

Curriculum tags are attached based on the selections made when triggering assessments using a smart tag form.

Smart tag forms can be assigned ‘Associated Curriculum Tags’ which will automatically be attach when selecting curriculum tags.

There are multiple database settings that are optional when using Smart Tag Forms.

Database SettingUse


Determines whether smart tag items should be pre-filled on trigger


Adds the associated objectives item to smart tag forms on trigger


Determines whether smart tag items are required


Determines whether assessors can view all smart tag objectives in the learner tree, rather than the objectives in the learner tree


Determines whether targets can also see all selectable objectives, not just the ones applied via the Smart Tag form trigger process


Overrides the target and assessor *_all_objectives_selectable settings, if set

Add a Smart Tag Form Template

  1. Open the Admin drop-down on the top menu and click Assessment & Evaluation.

  2. Click the Form Templates tab.

  3. Click the Add Form Template button.

  4. Input the following:

    • Form Title (required)

    • Form Type: Smart Tag Form

    • Program (required): [select course name]

  5. Click the Add Form button to create the form.

  6. The creation of the form template will show you the Edit Form Template page.

  7. Scroll down to Template Components.

  8. In the Template Components, under the Associated Objectives to display on form drop-down, select the desired tag set objective.

Note: The tag set options of Allow tag set to be shown on a smart tag form and Allow tag set to be added to form templates must be selected in the Curriculum Framework Builder.

8. Click the Save and Next button to continue.

9. Select the desired Contextual Variables in the list of Contextual Variables.

10. Click the Save and Next button to continue.

11. Complete the remaining sections of the form as outlined in Add a Supervisor Form Template.