Learner Explorer

Elentra’s Learner Explorer allows faculty and staff users to explore a learner’s progress through courses based on the grades recorded in Course Gradebooks. (Please note that tasks completed through the Assessment and Evaluation module are not currently displayed in the Learner Explorer.)

Course Directors and Curricular/Program Coordinators can access the Learner Explorer for those learners who are enrolled in their courses. Faculty assigned as tutors to Course Groups can access the Learner Explorer only for learners with whom they have been associated.

The Curriculum Overview, Courses, and Learner Assessment tabs allow you to view assessment data for a learner to see their overall progress, their current grades in each course, and their grades on individual assessments as they are completed in each course.

The Learner Explorer is an optional tool in Elentra and can be turned on or off for an organization in the database. If you'd like to use Learner Explorer, please confirm with a developer that it is enabled for your organization.

Access the Learner Explorer

  • Either click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and then click on the My Learners tab OR click on the Assessment and Evaluation icon in the top right and then click the My Learners tab under the Assessment and Evaluation heading.

  • First, select the current Curriculum Period (and course, if you are associated with more than one) from the curriculum period selector on the right-hand side of the page. This is will allow you to see only those learners whose data you have access to for that particular time frame.

  • Click on the hamburger icon on a learner's card and select Learner Explorer.

  • You will land on the Curriculum Overview tab.

  • Below the Learner Explorer heading, you can filter the results by curriculum period or search for a specific learner. You can use the Previous Learner and Next Learner buttons to move from one learner's Explorer to the next.

    • These components will persist as you click through the Curriculum Overview, Courses, and Learner Assessments tabs for each learner.

    • Use the hamburger icon on the learner's card to switch to the learner's CBME Dashboard or Assessments tabs.

Curriculum Overview Tab

  • The Curriculum Overview tab allows you to view the learner's progress across the program by viewing their current average grade across all courses in each Term of the curriculum.

  • Clicking on the View Courses button on each Term will direct you to a listing of all courses filtered by the Term in which they took place, so that you can view the learner’s grades for each course. From there, you can drill down to view their grades on each assessment within a particular course.

Courses Tab

  • The Courses tab displays the learner's current grades in courses.

  • Use the Search Courses field to search for a specific course and the Courses filtered by dropdown menu to filter the courses by Curriculum Layout (e.g., Term).

  • Clicking on the View Assessments button on a course card will direct you to a listing of all of the assessments associated with the course, so that you can view the learner’s grades for each assessment associated that course.

Learner Assessments Tab

  • The Learner Assessments tab displays the learner's current grade on all assessments stored in the Course Gradebook.

  • Use the Search by field to search for a specific assessment and the Assessments filtered by dropdown menu to filter the assessments shown by Course.

  • For each assessment, view the learner’s grade, the weight of the assessment toward the final course grade, their individual mark, class mean, and weighted mark.

Learner View

As of Elentra ME 1.21, if you have the Learner Explorer enabled, learners will see an additional tab when looking at their Gradebook page to show them My Performance. Under this tab they will be able to see their own Learner Explorer.

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