Email Notifications in A & E

Please note - Currently, when an A&E task reminder email is sent, the “From” field and valediction are not displaying the name of the individual who triggered the reminder, but instead displaying the name of the individual who triggered the task. This is currently being addressed with ticket:

Elentra automatically sends email notifications to users when they have an Assessment and Evaluation task to complete or review.

Tasks scheduled via distribution

Assessors/evaluators will receive one email notification overnight with all new tasks linked in the body of the email.

For tasks scheduled via a distribution, the timing of when specific tasks will trigger an email will depend on how the distribution is configured (e.g., the task delivery date set, the timing of learning events for event-based distributions, dynamic delivery settings for rotation-based distributions).

Note that if a delegation-based distribution has been created, when a delegator forwards a task to a user, a distinct email will immediately be sent for that task.

User-initiated on-demand tasks

For user-initiated, on-demand tasks, email notifications will be created when the initiating user submits the form and the task moves to a new owner (i.e., assessor).

Additional Notifications

Other circumstances that can generate email notifications for a task include:

  • A program administrator sends a reminder for a specific task;

  • A task is forwarded from one user to another user.

Course directors, program administrators, and users set to receive prompted response notifications for specific distributions will also receive email notifications when they have tasks to review. This could include:

  • In a CBME context, when any user completing a form has answered "Yes" to a concern item on a CBME form generated from a form template (i.e. Supervisor Form, Field Note Form, Procedure Form)

  • When a user has indicated an answer configured as a prompted response on an item, when the form containing that item is included in a distribution configured to have prompted response notifications.

Database Configurations for A&E email Options

There are some configurable options for email notification which can be controlled through the database (not through the user interface). This includes the ability to adjusts emails for tasks scheduled via distribution to send a nightly summary of all new tasks, and then a weekly summary of tasks that are still incomplete.

include_name_in_flagged_notifications defines whether or not to include names of users in prompted response email notifications.