Gradebook is an Elentra module that allows the electronic management of all assessments and learner grades within a course/program. It has multiple capabilities including:

  • Recording grades and making them visible to learners and faculty

  • Supporting multiple grading formats including percentages, numerical grades (e.g., 7/10), complete/incomplete, and pass/fail

  • Importing and exporting student grades

  • Linking assessments built through Elentra's quiz and exam module to a gradebook for seamless transfer of grades

  • Allowing electronic submission of assignments through a drop box

  • Attaching grading forms to assessments

  • Allowing administrators and/or faculty to grade assessments electronically and provide individual feedback to learners

  • Notifying a designated person if a learner grade is below a specific threshold

  • Creating dashboard notices for learners re: upcoming assignments (this applies specifically to assessments with drop box assignments added)

  • Allowing administrators to record comments about grades (e.g. late, excused absence, etc.)

  • Using weighted collections in a gradebook to easily distribute weights of assessments within a collection (e.g. quizzes)

  • Restricting faculty graders to see only the grades of learners assigned to them (as opposed to seeing the grades of an entire course audience)