New in ME 1.18!

  • Ability to associated a gradebook assessment with a specific audience (e.g. some learners in the course but not others)

  • The option to display grades using a marking scheme or grading scale

  • Ability to associated a gradebook, weighted collection or individual assessment with a grading scale

  • Improvements to the display of weighted collections in the grade spreadsheet and CSV export

  • Improvements to the learner view of their gradebook (including seeing completed forms)

  • Learner Explorer tool allowing course coordinators, faculty directors, and group tutors to view learner progress across multiple course gradebooks

  • Improvements to record keeping - when a grade is imported via a completed quiz, exam, or attached A 7 E form, a comment is recorded (includes user, date and time, how grade was entered)


Sample course gradebook

Gradebook is an Elentra module that allows the electronic management of all assessments and learner grades within a course/program. It has multiple capabilities including:

  • Recording grades and making them visible to learners and faculty

  • Supporting multiple marking schemes including percentages, numerical grades (e.g., 7/10), complete/incomplete, and pass/fail

  • Importing and exporting student grades

  • Linking assessments built through Elentra's quiz and exam module to a gradebook for seamless transfer of grades

  • Allowing electronic submission of assignments through a drop box

  • Attaching grading forms (built in Assessment and Evaluation) to gradebook assessments

  • Allowing faculty to grade assessments electronically and provide individual feedback to learners

  • Notifying a designated person if a learner grade is below a specific threshold

  • Creating dashboard notices for learners re: upcoming assignments (this applies specifically to assessments with drop box assignments added)

  • Allowing administrators to record comments about grades (e.g. late, excused absence, etc.)

  • Using weighted collections in a gradebook to easily distribute weights of assessments within a collection (e.g. quizzes)

  • Restricting faculty graders to see only the grades of learners assigned to them (as opposed to seeing the grades of an entire course audience)

  • Providing documents to leaners through the gradebook (Document Delivery) without the learner having submitted anything