Access to Completed Assessment & Evaluation Tasks and Reports

Users with access to Admin > Assessment and Evaluation will be able to view Assessment & Evaluation tasks and reports. Generally this will include medtech:admins, staff:admins, and staff:pcoordinator and faculty:director assigned to a specific course or program.

To view A&E Reports:

  • Click Admin > Assessment & Evaluation.

  • From the tab menu, click 'Reports'.

Reports are categorized under evaluations, assessments, leave and distributions. Please read report descriptions carefully as not all reports necessarily include data from both distributed forms and user-initiated on-demand forms.

Additional reporting tools for user-initiated on-demand forms used with the CBME tools can be viewed form the CBME dashboard.

Restricting Visibility of Completed Evaluations

Due to privacy requirements, some organizations choose to restrict access to completed evaluations in some way. The existing options are to:

  1. Set specific forms as Confidential. If you enable this at a form level, any time that form is used the name of the assessor/evaluator will be shown as Confidential. This can help protect learner privacy, however it also restricts the ability to view who has completed their assigned tasks. If you monitor learner completion of evaluation tasks for the purposes of professionalism grading or similar, you may not want to set forms as Confidential.

  2. Use a database setting (show_evaluator_data) to hide the names of any evaluator on a distributed or on-demand task. This means when an administrator or faculty member with access to a distribution progress report or the Admin > A&E Dashboard views tasks they will never see the names of evaluators but can see the contents on completed evaluation tasks.

  3. Use a database setting (evaluation_data_visible) to restrict users' access to completed, individual evaluation tasks. Users can view a list of completed tasks but if they click on a task they will be denied access to view the task contents. Instead of seeing the task, they will receive an error message stating that they do not have access.


  • Note that medtech:admin users will still have access to all Evaluation data even with show_evaluator_data and evaluation_data_visible enabled. If this is not desired, set any Medtech Admins as “Assessment Report Admin", but have all the flags turned off instead of on in the database.

  • Show_evaluator_data and evaluation_data_visible do not cover Prompted Responses.

Impacts on General Admin and Faculty Users

When the evaluation_data_visible setting is applied, admin and faculty users with access to Admin > Assessment & Evaluation will no longer be able to see the results of individually completed evaluation tasks or generate evaluation reports where evaluators could be identified.

On the Admin > A&E Dashboard users will still see the Evaluations tab on the Admin Dashboard, but they cannot click on individual tasks in any of the tables; the hyperlinks to those tasks are removed. (Maintaining visibility of the tasks themselves allows users to send reminders as needed.)

Under Assessment & Evaluation Reports users will be prevented from generating Individual Learning Event Evaluations since evaluators are identifiable in those reports.

For any distribution with a task type of Evaluation, users will be prevented from being able to open individual, in-progress or completed tasks on the Pending/In Progress and Completed tabs of the Distribution Progress page. Users will also be prevented from downloading PDFs of individual tasks on the distribution progress page.

Under the Assessment & Evaluation Tasks Icon, if the user can access Learner Assessments via the My Learners tab, they will be prevented from viewing or downloading individual evaluation tasks from the Learner's Current Tasks tab.

If the user can access Faculty Assessments via the Faculty tab, they will be prevented from viewing or downloading individual evaluation tasks from the Tasks Completed on Faculty tab.

Impacts on Evaluation Distribution Setup

When a distribution is set up as an Evaluation, the Reviewer option from Step 5 is no longer available to prevent accidentally allowing a user to see individual, identified, completed tasks.

Allowing Specific Users to View Completed Evaluations

If evaluation_data_visible is in use, an organization may wish to designate a small number of users to view completed evaluations. For this purpose individual proxy ids can be stored in the database (with show_evaluator_data enabled and from the ACL rule 'evaluationadmin').

Even when show_evaluator_data is enabled, the Progress pages for Evaluation distributions and the admin dashboard will not identify the evaluators. Tasks will show Confidential Evaluator and no email address.