Elentra ME 1.22
Reordering Contextual Variable Responses

Reordering Contextual Variable Responses

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses/Programs.
  • Search for the appropriate course as needed.
  • From the cog menu on the right, select 'CBME'.
  • Click on 'CV Responses' from the tab menu below the Competency-Based Medical Education heading.
  • Click on a contextual variable to show its existing responses.
  • Click on the double arrow in the Order column to drag and drop a response to a new location.
  • You'll get a green success message that your change has been saved.

Reordering Contextual Variables List

If users want to reorder the overall list of contextual variables they can do so from Admin > Manage Curriculum. To change a tag's display order you need to edit the tag by clicking on the pencil icon beside a tag name. Then you need to adjust the display order for each individual tag.
Editing a tag's display order
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