We released a version of logbook in ME 1.13 but ME 1.14 adds several features, including reporting options, and makes a few other changes to how the logbook should be set up. Please carefully check which version of Elentra you are using before you proceed!

The logbook module in Clinical Experiences allows an administrator to define requirements like number of entries, learner role in the experience, and the setting of the encounter.

Several steps are required to use the logbook:

  1. Build a new curriculum tag set and flag each applicable tag as "loggable" (complete via Manage Curriculum).

  2. Set a course as including clinical experiences and assign the appropriate curriculum tags to the course (complete via Manage Courses>Setup tab).

  3. Define the requirements for each loggable encounter (complete via Manage Courses>Logbook tab).

  4. Have learners complete and log encounters (learners access this via the Logbook tab on the main menu).