Copying an Existing Gradebook

Before you start, ensure that the curriculum period (e.g., Sept. 1, 2021 – Dec. 31, 2021) you want to create a new gradebook for exists and has an audience (e.g., a cohort). Navigate to Admin > Manage Course > Setup to review and adjust this as needed.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses.

  • Search for a course as needed.

  • Click the cog icon to the right of the course name and select Gradebook.

  • Ensure you are in the correct curriculum period and adjust using the period selector in the top right if needed. (The current curriculum period will display by default.)

  • Select the assessments you want to copy by ticking the small box beside the assessment title.

    • Note that you can select all by ticking off the box beside the Assessment column title.

    • If you want to copy a collection .**

  • Click 'Copy Selected'.

  • In the window that opens, select the new target course and enrolment/audience (you will see the audience and relevant cperiod in the selector).

  • Click 'Copy Assessments'.

  • To view your newly copied course gradebook either use the cperiod switcher in the top right (if you copied to the same course), or navigate to a different course and view the gradebook for the appropriate curriculum period.

Important notes about what does and does NOT get copied:

  • What is copied:

    • Assessment and collection titles and weights including previous assessment details (assuming you checked off a collection)

      • You must update any applicable due dates, Show Start dates, etc. for the newly copied gradebook assessments.

    • A drop box will be copied in the same course when you copy to a new curriculum period, but you'll need to update the dates

      • Drop box assignments will not copy across courses!

    • A form attached to a gradebook assessment will be copied so it can be used again if appropriate.

    • Curriculum tags assigned to assessments will be copied.

  • What is NOT copied:

    • Specific assessment audiences will not be copied - you will need to specify the audience for any assessment you don't want to apply to the entire cohort.

    • Course Gradebook Grading Scale (assessments' grading scales will copy)

    • Assessment Events

    • Assessment Graders

    • Attached Assessment Portfolios

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