Viewing Portfolio Entries

Users with Staff:Admin permissions and faculty assigned as portfolio advisors can access learner entries through Manage Portfolio.

If a gradebook assessment has been configured to include a portfolio you should also attach an assessment form to the assessment. Please also note that only course contacts with full access to the gradebook (e.g. curriculum coordinators or course directors) will be able to access the learners' portfolio entries. If faculty are assigned as graders to a task that is linked to the portfolio they will not be able to view entries because of the recent introduction of the public grading page.

How to Review Artifact Entries as a Staff:Admin

  • Navigate to the relevant portfolio folder.

  • Click the cog icon in the top right of an artifact card.

  • Select 'Review' from the dropdown menu.

  • You will be taken to the artifact entry page where existing entries will be displayed.

  • Click on 'Artifact Information' or the chevron on the right to see an overview of the artifact include start and end date, curriculum tags, total entries, etc.

  • Use the filter options to view flagged entries, entries that haven't been reviewed, or access the entry for a specific learner. Unclick the checkbox beside any filter to undo it.

  • Adjust the number of entries viewed per page.

  • Move forward and back between pages as needed.

  • Mark an entry as reviewed, flag or unflag an entry, make a comment, or view content. Note that if you mark an entry as reviewed, flag something, or make a comment, the system will record this action in your user name.

How Portfolio Advisors Access Portfolios and Review Entries

  • Navigate to Admin>Mange Portfolios.

  • Click on the name of a portfolio.

  • Click on a folder title.

  • Search for an artifact by typing its name into the search bar and clicking on the desired artifact.

  • On an artifact card, click on the cog icon and select 'Review' or click on the number showing beside 'Entries'.

  • For each learner entry, choose to view content, make a comment, add a flag or mark the entry as reviewed. The system will record the date and name of the person who took action.

  • Note that learners will be able to see comments made on their entries and will see when entries are marked as reviewed. Learners will not be able to see flags applied to their entries. Staff:admin and portfolio advisors can filter entries by those flagged and those not reviewed.

How to View Artifact Entries From A Course Gradebook

A faculty member must have full access to a course gradebook (e.g. be the course director) to access portfolio entries from a gradebook. Curriculum coordinators and program coordinators will also be able to view portfolio entries from a gradebook. Remember, this only applies if a portfolio has been attached to a gradebook assessment.

  • Navigate to Admin>Gradebook.

  • Search for and click on the appropriate course name.

  • Adjust the curriculum period if needed (top left).

  • Click on an assessment title.

  • Click on the Grade column beside a learner name to open the portfolio and assessment form.

  • Switch folder views if necessary using the 'Choose a portfolio folder' dropdown menu.

  • View the portfolio entry and complete the assessment form.

  • Click 'Save and Close' or 'Save and Go to Next'.

  • If a custom grade is required click the checkbox and then enter the appropriate grade.