Enabling Competencies Template

This template organizes the information about Enabling Competencies and allows the information to be uploaded to Elentra.

Completing the Program-Specific Enabling Competencies Template

  • Parent(s): This column is optional because you will provide the full parent path in the Milestones template.

    • If you do chose to populate this columns, indicate the parent(s) of the enabling competency by providing the stage, EPA, role, and key competency (e.g., C-C1-ME-ME1)

  • Code: Indicate the enabling competency code (e.g., ME1.1, CL2.3, HA3.4)

  • Name: Provide the enabling competency text.

  • Description: Not required but complete with CanMEDS information as you wish.

  • Detailed Description: Not required.

  • Save your file as a CSV.

When coding the Enabling Competencies remember these required codes for the CanMEDS stages and roles:

Transition to Discipline: D Foundations of Discipline: F Core Discipline: C Transition to Practice: P Professional: PR Communicator: CM Collaborator: CL Scholar: SC Leader: LD Advocate: HA Medical Expert: ME