Distribution Reviewer

When building a distribution a reviewer can be set in Step 5 of the Distribution Wizard. This person will need to review and approve, reopen or hide all tasks before the tasks are completed as required. The use case for this might be providing an intermediary reviewer who checks the appropriateness of narrative comments on course and faculty evaluations or peer assessments.

For more information on setting up a reviewer on a distribution, please see the page for the distribution type you are working with.

Managing Tasks As a Reviewer

If you have been set as the reviewer for a distribution, click your Assessment and Evaluation badge and you'll see tasks with a Reviewer label under your Assessment Tasks tab.

  • Click View Task.

  • Review the form contents.

  • Choose one of three options:

    • Reopen the task: This will send the task back to the assessor/evaluator and it will remain in their pending/in progress task list until they complete it. If you reopen a task you will get a message indicating that the task has successfully been reopened.

    • Approve the task: This will essentially mark the task as finalized and release the task to the target (if allowed by the parameters of the distribution).

    • Hide the task: This will hide the task from being viewed by the target. The person who completed the task gets no feedback. If you hide a form, you will be prompted to enter a reason for why you hid the form. Note that hiding a form does not remove its data from reports generated about this form and distribution.

  • Note that currently, there is no user interface to retrieve all hidden forms or to view the comments about why the form was hidden.