Courses/programs are used to house and organise course objectives, associated faculty and administrative staff, student enrolment, assessments, course groups, etc. Scheduled learning events are associated with courses. After a course has been set up it can be linked to a course community which creates a course website.

Unlike many content management systems, Elentra does not require you to create a separate instance of a course each academic year. When a course is built you define an enrolment period for it and set an audience for that enrolment period. By adding multiple enrolments and audiences to a course you make it accessible to various learners but the central course content stored on the course setup tab or on course website pages is not unique to those audiences by default. (The course contents do get automatically archived but multiple iterations of the course are not visible through the UI.) The individual learning events created, which are mapped to a course, are available only to specific audiences for the events.

This help section addresses course creation and the setup, enrolment, groups, and reports tabs. It also includes information on setting up a course website. Information about the CBME and Gradebook tabs can be found elsewhere (note that CBME help resources are provided in Elentra through the CBME tab).