Additional Information for Royal College Programs

If you plan to use curriculum versioning and have residents automatically move to a new curriculum version when they move to their next stage, you must define the learners as CBME enabled. A developer can do this directly in the database of you can use the data base setting (learner_levels_enabled) to allow course administrators to set learner levels and CBE status on the course enrolment page.

To ensure CBME works correctly for RC programs, each organisation that has CBME enabled must have a developer or technical administrator set the default_stage_objectivesetting value in the elentra_me.settingstable to the global_lu_objectives.objective_idof the first stage of competence (ex: Transition to Discipline).

After the provided software migrations run with the upgrade to ME 1.24 or higher, some additional configuration is required for your users to move forward using Elentra as they currently do. Please check all tag set settings for the tags included in your Royal College Framework (Milestones). This is important to ensure that the learner dashboard, program dashboard and assessment plan builder behave as expected.

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