Question Index

Question Index

When you click on the Questions tab you will land on the Question Index page. From this page you can search for questions by typing in a word, and you can apply multiple filters to refine your search.When viewing results, card view will show you the question text and responses along with an option to see more information at the bottom of each card.List view will let you see more questions in a smaller field and get a quick overview of their status, associated groups, assigned curriculum tags, application to exams, and more.

Search and Filter

  • A - Question Bank - select the Question Bank on the left-hand navigation bar to display Question Bank.

  • B - Search - use keywords in the search box to refine your search.

  • C - Filter - use the filter to refine the search by; author, course, group, label etc.

  • D - Columns - add additional columns to the Question Bank to see more question information including; author, date, languages etc.

Enhanced Navigation Experience

The following enhancements have been made to both the table and card view of the index:

  • Paginated screens have controls to display how many can be displayed, and the ability to jump to first and last pages

Table View

In Table View you can control which columns to show for your filtered questions via the "Columns" button.

Default Columns

Additional Columns








Exam Type






Card View

The Card View will allow you a preview of the question as it might appear to learners, the ability to view more information about specific questions and the ability to show or hide the correct answer.


Question Status is a new field. You can now create questions in draft mode and request that they be reviewed. This allows for careful oversight of all questions before they are published.

Currently you do not set a specific reviewer per question. Instead you can filter by status to find questions that require attention.

Additional icons will show a question's Review status:

You can Ability to set status on multiple questions by checking the question you'd like to edit and selecting: "Set Status".

Note: Draft questions can't be removed from the Question Index through the bulk "Remove Questions" options. Instead, click into a draft question as if to edit and then choose "Discard Draft".

Data Visibility

The Question Index user interface has been improved to include more data in a more visible state. This includes:

  • Associated Groups

    • See groups this question belongs to and click edit to quickly go edit a group

  • Associated Exams

    • You'll see the total question count, a count of any existing posts, and take the exam in a preview mode; each of these will link you to another tab.

  • Associated Exam Types

  • Associated Curriculum Tags

Click on the count for each entity to see more detail about a question.

Batch (aka Bulk) Index actions

When viewing the question index you can make changes to multiple questions at once to enhance productivity when using the Question Index. These actions include:

  • Group questions

  • Set status

  • Set course

  • Set curriculum tags

    • This process will open the curriculum tag selector and show you the tags already assigned, which question is assign with which tag.

    • Tags added will be applied to every question selected via checkbox

    • You are able to un-assign tags via this method as well

  • Reactivate retired questions

Note: There is currently no support for exporting a filtered list of questions directly from the Question Index. If you wish to export questions you must add them to an exam and then export the exam to a Word file.