Form Embargo Option

Form embargo is an optional Elentra feature and must be enabled through a database setting (cbme_assessment_form_embargo).

When creating and editing forms the embargo option will only appear if the above setting is enabled.

If embargo forms exist and then the setting is later turned off then any new assessments created with the form will not be embargoed.

An embargo can be applied to CBME forms that are permissioned to a course (e.g. Rubric Form). It does not currently apply to Form Templates.

If an embargo is applied to a form, tasks using that form will not be released to the target until specific release conditions as set by the form creator have been met. (Note that the distribution wizard provides a similar option for peer-assessment tasks within a specific distribution.)

There are three options available when setting an embargo.

Manual Release

  • A Course Director or Program Director must release the assessment

  • To set up manual release, just check the "Embargo" checkbox. The assessment responses will be hidden from the learner until a program coordinator or course director for the course the assessment belongs to goes to the task and releases it to the learner.

    • You can optionally choose to send email notifications for tasks completed using this form. Check of the appropriate box(es) to enable email notifications.

  • When tasks with a manual release requirement are completed, Program Coordinators and Program Directors will be able to view the task and optionally release it to the target or the Competency Committee Member.

    • If tasks are released to learners, they will display under Tasks Completed on Me (information re: CBME dashboard pending).

    • If tasks are released to CC members, they will be visible when the CC member view the learner's Assessments tab (information re: CBME dashboard pending).

Permanent Embargo

  • Tasks generated using this form will never be available to the target, only program coordinators and program directors will be able to view the completed tasks.

  • To set up a permanent embargo, check off "Embargo", AND check off "Permanent Embargo?"

Embargo Based on the target completing other form(s)

  • Tasks generated using this form will not be available to the target unless the target has completed at least one task using one or more other specific forms).

  • To set up this option, click on "add completion requirement". That will make the responses become visible to the learner as soon as the other form (selected from the dropdown) is complete.

Additional Notes

  • Tasks that are embargoed will display an embargoed label on the target card.

  • Embargoed forms can be used in distributions or on-demand assessments.

  • All tasks generated using an embargoed form will have these embargo release conditions applied, regardless of on-demand completion method (e.g. complete and confirm via PIN, email blank form, etc.)

  • It is possible for an embargo to be applied even if a task related to the completed assessment would normally require action from the assessee.

  • Since the embargo release function is carried out by course contacts, this feature is only available to forms which have a course relation.

Embargo form behaviour conflicts with another Elentra tool - the ability for evaluators to immediately release their completed task to the target. Because of this a check was added to ensure that this question does not appear if the task is using an embargo form.