Learner Level and CBE Status

Setting CBE status (via the enrolment tab or directly in the database) is a prerequisite for Royal College programs using curriculum versioning and who want residents to move to a new curriculum version when they begin a new stage of training.

Managing learner levels and CBE status on the Enrolment tab of a course is optional. It can be turned on or off by a developer through a setting in the database (learner_levels_enabled).

Learner level options (e.g., PGY 1, PGY 2, etc.) can also be adjusted in the database by a developer.

Users who have access to Admin > Manage Courses will be able to manage learner levels and CBE status through the Course Enrolment tab.

Learner Levels and CBE status can optionally be used when configuring distributions in the Assessment & Evaluation module.

Learner levels do not automatically adjust when a new curriculum period is added. For each new course enrolment, learner levels and CBE status should be defined (if being used).

Set Learner Level and CBE Status

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses.

  • Select the appropriate course.

  • Click the Enrolment tab.

  • You will see a list of learners. Use the curriculum period switcher on the right if needed.

  • For each learner, select a learner level from the drop down.

  • After a learner level has been defined you can set CBE status to Yes or No.

Please note that if you store your learner levels in another system and pull them into Elentra, making a change in Elentra will not automatically update the data in your other system.

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