Learner View of Gradebooks, Learner Explorer and Assignments


Learners can view their gradebooks by clicking on the user icon in the top right and selecting Gradebooks.

Use the enrolment period selector as needed to filter the gradebooks displayed.

The My Gradebooks page lists a learner's courses and displays the total number of assessments in a course gradebook, as well as their current grade for a course based on all grades entered so far. If document sharing or adjusted final grades are enabled for an organization, learners will also see columns showing that information.

Because administrators can configure whether or not gradebook assessments show to learners in their gradebooks (with or without grades entered), learners may see a higher assessments number on the gradebook overview page than they see when they access a detailed list of assessments per course.

The learner's weighted total as shown on the My Gradebooks page will ignores blank entries in the gradebook (e.g., any currently ungraded assessment) and will show the weighted total based on all assessments for which there is an entered grade.

The learner's Adjusted Total will only display if the database setting gradebook_adjusted_grades_enabled is in use. If it is, administrative users of the gradebook can enter an adjusted grade. This might reflect a student's completion of a professionalism requirement or something similar. Learners will see their adjusted total as a percentage and optionally as a grading scale, as long as the course gradebook has a grading scale defined.

Learners can click on a course title to see a list of the assessments included in that course gradebook. Learners will see:

  • the assessment title (sorted by collection if applicable),

  • their mark (shown as marking scheme, grading scale or percentage depending on how the assessment was set up),

  • weighted mark,

  • assessment type (i.e., formative or summative), and,

  • the class mean and median (note that these can be hidden by making a change in the code).

If there is an assessment form attached to an assessment, learners will see an eye icon beside the assessment name. Learners can click on the eye icon to open the attached form and view any feedback provided to them (whether learners can see the form before it is completed or after or both will depend on the gradebook assessment settings).

Note in the example above that the mark is being displayed in a variety of ways. Quiz 1 shows the marking scheme (numeric), Quiz 2 shows the grading scale (letter grade), and Quiz 3 shows grading scale, marking scheme and percentage. Course administrators control how the marks are shown to learners when they build the gradebook assessments.

You can control whether leaners see the Class Mean and Class Median in their gradebooks using a database configuration. You will need developer assistance to change this.

Developers see "GRADEBOOK_DISPLAY_MEAN_GRADE""GRADEBOOK_DISPLAY_MEDIAN_GRADE" in the settings.inc.php file.

Learner Explorer

If the Learner Explorer is enabled for your organization, learners will see their Learner Explorer under the My Performance Tab on the My Gradebooks page.

Clicking on the My Performance tab will direct learners to the Learner Explorer. Elentra’s Learner Explorer allows learners to explore their progress throughout the curriculum based on the grades recorded and released in your course Gradebooks. (Note: tasks completed through the Assessment & Evaluation feature are not currently displayed in the Learner Explorer.)

The Curriculum Overview, Courses, and Learner Assessment tabs allow learners to view assessment data and see their progression through the program, their current grades in each course, and their grades on individual assessments as they are completed in each course.

For more details about each tab, please see here.


Learners can view their assignments (i.e., gradebook assessments that require a document to be submitted via a drop box) by clicking the user icon in the top right and selecting 'Assignments'.

Learners will see any assignments set to display for learners and will see their corresponding course and a due date if one has been created.

If an assignment has been graded using a form attached to the gradebook assessment learners will see an eye icon. They can click on the eye icon to view the completed form and any feedback provided to them by a grader.

Learners can also optionally filter their list of assignments to view those that apply to a specific course or curriculum period. Additionally, they can use the checkbox option to only see outstanding assignments.

  • To filter by Curriculum Period, click on the box and select an option from the dropdown menu.

  • To filter by Course, click on a course title. Use your keyboard and mouse to select multiple courses if needed.

  • Click Apply Filters after making your selections.

  • Once filters are applied the Filter button will show the number of filters in use.

  • Click on the Filter button to adjust filters or clear existing filters.

Note that the column headers (e.g., Due Date, Submitted) in the My Assignments table are clickable so that you can easily reverse the display order.

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